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 Nirmanakaya Yalin
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 tesoromio updates
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*tesoromio* clothes and jewels for woman and man, casual and underwear, to feel good everyday in cool italian style:)

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Sent on 28/4/18

Attachment: *tesoromio* new flower sweater and leggings
hello dears <3 I am back with a new mainstore and new spring clothes, have a look by yourself in notice and in mainstore <3


Sent on 18/2/17

Attachment: *tesoromio* new pullover and pants
new @ *tesoromio* pants and pullover <3


Sent on 8/9/16

Attachment: *tesoromio* new skirt and pull :)
helloo dears <3 new skirt and pull in shop now <3


Sent on 23/4/15

Attachment: *tesoromio*new capris :)
new *tesoromio* capris pants in store now :)


Sent on 29/3/15

Attachment: *tesoromio* new mesh skirt and shirt:)
new mesh skirt and shirt with Slink size included in store now <3


Sent on 12/2/15

Attachment: *tesoromio*new dress and gift :)
new @ *tesoromio* velvet dress and free gift <3


Sent on 23/1/15

Attachment: *tesoromio*new knitted sweater :)
Hi dears :) new knit pullover in store now :)


Sent on 5/12/14

Attachment: *tesoromio*new mesh jeans :)
*tesoromio* new mesh jeans in store now <3


Sent on 8/11/14

Attachment: *tesoromio*new shop and new gift <3 s
*tesoromio* is back with new store and a gift for you <3


Sent on 27/5/11

Attachment: *tesoromio* new low rise jeans :)
new low rise jeans in store now :)