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 Sat, Sep 3rd 2022, 21:53
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 Happy Labor Day Weekend - INVITATION To THE VENUE.

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===== You Are Invited To Join Me @ The Venue for four great performances back to back ! ===== 9/4/22 Happy Labor Day weekend everyone - Tomorrow beginning at 1 PM Mavenn will perform live on stage. At 2 PM NeoMaximus will be performing, and at 3 PM LoneWolf55 Genesis ............. at 4 PM Roxanne will perform ! - So 4 great artists - all here at THE VENUE and if you're not going outdoors to celebrate Sunday then why not come To The Venue tomorrow and let us share your Labor Day weekend.... Bring a friend - for one or all of these great shows. And we wish you good health and a Happy Labor Day weekend Join us Monday 9/5/22 at 4 PM for Maximillion Kleene too ! Hugs and candy kisses !