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sweetpea Shilova 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: sweetpea Shilova (The Night Owl)
International place for night owls - Place internationale pour les noctambules.

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Anglicans of SL Group Updates

Owner: Cady Enoch (The Anglican Cathedral in SL)
A distinctively Anglican church within SL for those who are Anglicans or who share the Anglican heritage, and for those of other denominations who value what we provide. We also welcome those who are exploring the Christian faith.

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Central Park Pavilion Mailing List

Owner: Sandra Schwamm
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Stanza's Subscriber Announcements

Owner: Brindimere Laroway
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Owner: Thunderfoot Lorefield
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Beach Bunns

Owner: Cathiee McMillan (beach Bunns)
Beach Bunns! Swimwear & Clothing Designs by Cathiee McMillan. This Group is the Update group as well as the the customer social chat group. Swimwear, kini's, Bikini's, Bathing Suits, Surf Boards, Surf, Shorts, Board Shorts, Tops, Beach, Bunns, Bumms, Butt. Shorts. Jeans, Photography, Polaroids.

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Marqs DeSade - Music is Passion!

Owner: MarqsDeSade Resident (Marqs DeSade)
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NOP ~ Nihon Ongaku Publisher's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Taki Kujisawa (NOP~ Events)
NOP~ is an event planning & promotion company that hosts events in various forms to support and promote: Femboy, TG, Andro & all other forms of 'alternative' genders in human, Kemono, furry & all other communities.

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Paris Obscur - Friends and fans

Owner: JonathanDimitri Soderstrom (Paris Obscur - Friends and Fans)
Joining this group will give you the opportunity to get news about the coming shows and events around Paris Obscur, french live performer in Second Life.

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aQ&co updates

Owner: artemide Qunhua (aQ creating lifestyles)
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Jeannie Jannings 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jeannie Jannings (Jeannie's Jewels)
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Engraved in Stone - Product Updates

Owner: Lantz Skytower (Engraved in Stone)
Statue avatars and related work.

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Briony Juran 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Briony Juran
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Gandalf Mornington 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Gandalf Mornington
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The Blue Note Group

Owner: Naydee McGettigan (The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge)
~*THE HOME OF SL'S ♫Cool Cats♫ !*~ This Group is for The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge ~11 YEARS IN SL & STILL SWINGIN'!!!!

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Krisie Snowdrop 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Krisie Snowdrop
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Amarei Baby Update Group

Owner: Ophelia Brocco (Amarei Baby)
A Zooby Baby Clothing Boutique

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Moondoggirl Moomintoog 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Moondoggirl Moomintoog (Moondoggirl Moomintoog)
Moon Tunes - Moondoggirl's group Moonatics - Moonacy group

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Lyric Serendipity's Amazing Subscribe-O-Matic Thingy

Owner: Lyric Serendipity
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Northern Ireland Development Cooperative

Owner: Niddy Duffield (Northern Ireland Development)
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It's Bat TIme

Owner: BAT8997 Resident (Masters Music)
Friends group for musician Bat Masters

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Sun's super subscribo

Owner: Sunflower Humbridge
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Grizzly's Angels

Owner: Grizzly Silversmith (Grizzly's Growls -- Second Life DJing, Podcasts and Serialized Audiobooks)
Fan group for my DJ gigs inside Second Life

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KONA Stream

Owner: Ravishal Bentham (KONA Stream)
Find out what is going on with KONA Stream! DJ Gigs, listener parties, special events, and station updates.

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Wood Works Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Landru McCallen (Wood Works)
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[CPS] Cherry Pop Studio

Owner: Skylah Kesslinger
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Veronica Weksler 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Veronica Weksler
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Toy's Landscapes Store - Members Club

Owner: Toysoldier Thor (Toys Landscapes Store)
Toy's Landscapes Store demo's & sells his highly sought after master builder themed sculpty terrain packs. His TORNLANDS brand of theme packs includes: "Rocky Terrains", "Raging Rivers", " Shores & Ridges", "Volcanos", Rocky Veneers", and "Desert Hoodoos". In addition to these packs, Toy also sells a variety of custom terrain texture packs and individual sculpted terrain Prims. Toy's multi-floor art gallery is now also located adjacent to his store. Full Contact Info:
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Chii Otsuka 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Chii Otsuka (Neko Ya!)
Neko Fashion for the Modern Neko! Boots, Paw Stomperz, Ears, Tails, and Accessories in a New Modern HQ Location! Complete with the Windlight Enabled, Highly Detailed "Metropolis Dance Club" on the 3rd level!

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Yumera's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Naoki Puff
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