Here's why hundreds of Second Life business owners, groups, organizations and publishers are already using Subscribe-O-Matic to stay in touch with their customers, readers or members:

Easy Joining

Everyone can easily subscribe to your group by touching your Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk with one click. This is especially useful for newer members of Second Life that may not know how to search for groups, or for those groups that have common names that can be hard to spot in Second Life search.

No Group Limits

No more adding to group limits! A member that has joined your Subscribe-O-Matic group will thank you for not taking up yet another slot in their groups.

Send Messages and Objects

You can send as many instant messages, notecards, objects, or textures as you want to your members from anywhere within Second Life. You are in control of what gets sent - no more annoying spam cluttering your group chat.

Message History

Your members are able to read your past notices and receive your previously sent objects either in-world by touching any of your kiosks, or directly on our website through our Group Directory.

RSS Feeds

Your messages are accessible and easily tracked even out of Second Life. Your users can subscribe to your RSS feeds and use their favorite web or desktop readers to track and browse your messages instead of worrying if their offline instant messages are capped.

Unlimited Kiosks

There is no limit on how many kiosks you can place. Each of the different kiosks designs are copy/modifiable, meaning you can have as many as you want, where you want.


Kiosks are all attractive and easily personalized to showcase your Second Life business, magazine, or group. You can easily change the display texture and the name of all of your kiosks in Second Life in one easy step. You can also personalize the message a new member receives when they join your group. How about automatically welcoming them by sending them a gift, or a notecard with your disclaimer?

Affordable and Effective Advertising

Compared to other Second Life advertising options, your Subscribe-O-Matic group members are not just random impressions, or traffic. They actually care about your Second Life business, your products and services and they want to keep in touch. By effectively raising your conversion rates and increasing your revenue, Subscribe-O-Matic more than easily pays for itself.

Web Administration

Can't access Second Life? Retain full control of your member database with our online administration panel. You can browse though the list of all of your members, remove a member, see when a member has joined, browse and manage your message history, or change your group settings and details - all from one easy access point.


Privacy of your group and your members is our primary concern. No one can see your members' information, keeping your group members safe from spam and other annoyances. No one can access the list of your members to easily invite them to other, often competing groups. We don't provide, disclose or sell any detailed or aggregated information about your group members to anyone else but you.

Security and Integrity

You (or your other designated operators) control what messages or objects get sent - no one else has access to your group. We don't host our service on a cheap oversold shared hosting, but on high performance dedicated server hardware hosted in a US datacenter. Your member database can easily hold tens of thousands of members and is backed up daily.

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service can't be beat. We are able to be accessed in Second Life or out, whenever you need us. We respond to most requests in under 24 hours, usually within a few hours. You are our business, and we believe you deserve our complete attention, every time.

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