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Sent on 19/12/17

Attachment: Stars and Snowflakes !YAY! Mesh Creations GroupGift
As we look back upon the past year,we would like to say Thanks for all the support throughout As our valued customers, we wish you a Christmas full of turkey and laughs and may you be blessed with...


Sent on 1/10/17

Attachment: Gotham Island (128, 128, 23)
MAJOR HALLOWEEN EVENT!A major Halloween event, Gotham Island open NOW. Shopping, entertainment, and gaming experience. It will also feature exclusive items, auctions, raffle, hunts and more. You...


Sent on 22/9/17

Attachment: Mesh Creepy Cat 3D Silhouette
Hey all,im sending you the new Group Gift!Enjoy and have Fun!Yours Seraphina


Sent on 11/8/17

Attachment: !YAY!Mesh Creations
Hey all!Just want to let you know,the Store has moved to another location.Here is the new LM for you.Hope to see you soon!


Sent on 22/3/17

Attachment: World Tour 2017 Hunt HUD (Wear me)
World Tour 2017 IS OPEN!!!Pack your Bags,grab a can of bug spray and your most comfy shoes,because your World Tour is about to begin!Grab the companion Hud below (optional) and set sail on...


Sent on 21/3/17

Attachment: World Tour 2017 Poster - for blogs etc
Hello All!The World Tour 2017 Hunt is starting!Come to the Store and find the great Hunt Gift we made for you!It's really nice^^Have a great Hunt,see ya^^


Sent on 13/2/17

Attachment: Valentine Thank You Gift from !YAY!
To some people February 14th is just another day. For us this is a day to take time and say... Thank You.... Seraphina Stormcrow Xavier Novelli Niesa Kesslinger TerraSinclair Resident


Sent on 11/2/17

Attachment: Magic Runestone Group Gift
Hello All!Here is the New Group Gift for you.^^Enjoy and take care.Your !YAY! Mesh Creations Team


Sent on 31/12/16

Attachment: (none)
Happy New Year to you all!May your New Year’s Eve ring with laughter and cheer! Marking the start of a blessed New Year! Your !YAY! Mesh Creation's Team


Sent on 14/12/16

Attachment: The Search for Santa
Great New's!We are very proud to be one of the great Creators who will create a Prize for the next coming Mad Pea Game:The Search for Santa! I'll send you a Poster that gives all information by...


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