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 Eglise des Damnes
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It has always been said that hallowed ground offers protection from curses or even cursed beings... but what happens when that hallowed ground is cursed itself? Welcome to Église des Damnés, a small interactive adult horror installation that will remain up for the Halloween season. It is free to visit, and donations are always graciously accepted. Hoping to build this year after year and have bigger and more intricate installations. Please read all info provided on notecards. 18+ only.

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Sent on 28/9/19

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Tomorrow at noon SLT, I'll be spinning a set at Eglise des Damnes! Attire is whatever you feel like, although it's always cool to come in theme for a haunted churchyard! :) Hope to see you there....


Sent on 13/9/19

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Eglise des Damnes is now open! Enjoy the installation and make sure to read the notecard upon arrival! You will only get it once!

Sent on 9/9/19

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Eglise des Damnes will be opening officially to the public (18+/payment info required) on Friday, September 13!


Sent on 5/9/19

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