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Sent on 26/5/18

Attachment: E2V Notice from League
The E2V Vendor system is shutting down so we have to move to a new system, this has some consequences for you, pls read the attached notice or the blogpost

Sent on 27/3/18

Attachment: *League* New Releases Now at the Mainstore!
All the latest Skin Fair 2018 releases for Lelutka, now @ the Mainstore! See nc or Blog: https://goo.gl/xQfFHG Flickr:

Sent on 11/3/18

Attachment: *League* Skin Fair 2018 DEMOs - Wear me
New Releases for Skin Fair 2018! Demos + nc attached. Blog: https://goo.gl/xQfFHG Flickr:

Sent on 17/11/17

Attachment: *League* New Releases for Catwa! Lush Lips!
New Release for Catwa: Lush Lips! See nc for details of visit the Blog: https://goo.gl/VhHDuP


Sent on 9/11/17

Attachment: *League* New Catwa Appliers: Sadie
New Release: Sadie Catwa Appliers! See nc or blog post for more details: https://goo.gl/QayQsz


Sent on 8/3/17

Attachment: *League* Skin Fair 2017 Demos
New Exclusive Releases for Skin Fair 2017: Demos and Info enclosed! https://www.flickr.com/photos/leaguesl/ Details will be on...


Sent on 31/1/17

Attachment: *League* Clothing Appliers UPDATES!
Clothing Appliers Updates! See nc or visit

Sent on 17/12/16

Attachment: *League* New Release: Vista Bento Hands Appliers
New Release @ League! Vista Bento Prohands Appliers, see nc or visit:

Sent on 23/11/16

Attachment: *League* New Releases for Catwa!
New Releases for Catwa @ League! see nc for details, or visit

Sent on 10/11/16

Attachment: League New Release! Catwa Appliers: Ella
New Release! Ella Catwa Appliers! See notecard or League Blog for details!

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