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Sent on 17/11/21

Attachment: Cinnamon & Chai is open!
Cinnamon&Chai is open! The new mesh body by Yours Truly! Check out the notecard for pics, info and landmarks ♥ Siddean


Sent on 15/3/21

Attachment: Slink @ SkinFair 2021
Slink is at Skin Fair 2021 with new mesh and system eyes! There is a notecard headed your way with all the information and you can grab demos right now @

Sent on 22/12/20

Attachment: #BIGGIRL ( .)(. ) MONTHLY EVENT FOR CURVY WOMEN ( .)(. )
We were invited to showcase our bodies at the **NEW** Big Girl monthly event! Lots of wonderful creations leaning towards the curvier of bodies, a lot of wonderful Hourglass compatible...


Sent on 25/10/20

Attachment: Slink News - October 2020
Slink Group Chat is broken, so please IM directly [secondlife:///app/agent/51be2a29-4089-4d15-a9ab-0aea55fe4d42/about Slink Resident] News in notecard, reduced items, gifts etc.


Sent on 12/9/20

Attachment: Slink - IBTC September Sponsor - Drape Dress Update
Slink is a Sponsor of this months IBTC event, we have our Slink Petite, Slink Homme Chest add ons in the booth as well as a range of our latest clothing pieces. The Slink Drape dress has been...


Sent on 23/7/20

Attachment: Skylar Solids now @ Slink
Greetings Slinkies! I have created all new textures for our gorgeous Skylar this week and they are now available at Slink and on the Slink Marketplace store! Check her cute curves ouuuut in the...


Sent on 10/7/20

Attachment: Slinky, Sexy Leila now @ Slink
The sexy Leila Body Jewellery is now available at Slink! This is a very slinky, very skimpy set of body jewellery in a variety of metal colours and a HUD to make certain parts turn off for more...


Sent on 26/6/20

Attachment: Grow with Slink Instagram Giveaway 60 bundles to Win!
A little reminder of Slink's Big Body Bundle promotion on Instagram! There is a notecard incoming with details and links! you could be a winner! <3 Siddean


Sent on 28/5/20

Attachment: Big May Body Update @ Slink!
Greetings all! I have put the latest updates to the Slink body parts in the servers so have a look at the attached notecard for details and pop on over to Slink for your updates today! ♥Sidd


Sent on 17/4/20

Attachment: Grow with Slink Instagram Giveaway 60 bundles to Win!
Grow with Slink Instagram Giveaway Promotion - Follow Slink.SL and Comment with Second Life username in the promo picture to be in the running to win, if you don't need the prize follow anyway and...