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Sent 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Attachment: Slink @ Skinfair 2020
Slink has 2 new releases out at Skinfair 2020 - a new female head and a male presenting chest augment for Slink Physique Original and Hourglass bodies. Check out the notecard to come for more info...


Sent on 5/2/20

Attachment: Zoey Pumps @ Slink
new Zoey Pumps @ Slink today! 3 heights, 20 colours, SO many combinations. Check out the notecard and try a demo at the Slink Mainstore!


Sent on 25/1/20

Attachment: Surviving Hell - Australian Bushfire Wildlife Benefit V3
Slink has donated 20 Body Bundles to the Events Raffle, you can buy tickets for your chance to win as well as many of the other fantastic donations made from stores all over SL for this event ....


Sent on 5/1/20

Attachment: Slink @ The Winter Shop and Hop!
Just a reminder that Slink is part of Shop n Hop winter edition, and we have 25% off all of our items in our booth location. Bundles, Heads, Nails Clothing and Footwear. Including New Releases....


Sent on 16/12/19

Attachment: Slink @ The Winter Shop and Hop!
Slink is at the Winter Shop and Hop! 25% off everything in the booth including Visage heads and 3 body bundles! As well as new things and presents! Check the notecard for more info and landmark to...


Sent on 2/12/19

Attachment: New Mens Nails and JIGGLING BOTTOM @ Slink
New release day @ Slink. Mens extra long nails and a jiggling bottom option for ladies! Check out the incoming notecard! ♥Siddean


Sent on 7/11/19

Attachment: New Exxxxxtra Long Nails for Female Dynamic Hands @ Slink
Check out the notecard for pics, Landmark and info about the new Extra Long Nails @ Slink today!


Sent on 23/10/19

Attachment: Updates, New Releases and Gifts @ Slink
News this week @Slink - a new male head, new Visage ears and a little gift for Halloween! Check out the Notecard to follow ♥Siddean


Sent on 8/10/19

Attachment: Updated and New Heads @ Slink!
We have released new Mesh Heads at Slink today, and updated Emma and Becky! Read all about it in the Notecard to follow ♥Sidd


Sent on 17/8/19

Attachment: Slink @ Hair fair 2019
Check out the new hairstyles from Slink at this year's Hair Fair. 30% of all sales will be donated to Wigs for Kids! :)


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